About Us

Building the Lifestyle of Tomorrow

As one of the Northeast region's fastest growing developers, Accurate has emerged as a prominent player in the development of large-scale residential, commercial and-mixed-use projects. With an impeccable record of delivering timely and professionally executed projects, the Accurate brand has become synonymous with uncompromising quality, integrity and reliability.

Accurate' diverse portfolio of successful projects has earned the respect and trust of leading municipalities across multiple states. Buyers, brokers and tenants identify the Accurate name as a standard-bearer for world-class design and deluxe amenities for the most discriminating clientele.


Banks and lending institutions value the strength behind the Accurate brand, putting their faith and trust in the company's expertise in every facet of their project's execution, from estimating to projection to engineering to construction, with diligent, hands-on oversight throughout every stage of the process.


The range of projects and developments that make up the Accurate portfolio highlight the company's versatility and resourcefulness both as it relates to its own holdings, as well as to those executed for outside clients. Strategically built from the ground up, Accurate has perfected its model of seamless collaboration and integration between the field and the management. Accurate's carefully assembled network of exclusive contractor results in a proven record for coming through on time and on budget, without fail.


Accurate's coveted level of trust and confidence with municipalities across the region is a result of its longstanding to quality and compliance at all levels. Local government agencies recognize the value that Accurate pioneering projects bring to their local municipalities.